UnBlock: Remove the “blockies” from images and videos

What is UnBlock?

UnBlock is a method that removes the “blockiness” of heavily or moderately compressed JPEG images.

The C# code implementing UnBlock is completely free to use:

UnBlock has also been used by other researchers on video formats that use a similar block encoding to JPEG. Those results are not contained on this page.

The UnBlock algorithm is described in detail in this research paper.

At the time I developed UnBlock (early 2006), the best existing automatic deblocking filter commercially available was from Pegasus Imaging. Click here to see a "head-to-head" between Pegasus and UnBlock.

The President of Pegasus Imaging publicly stated that UnBlock also out-performed Pegasus’s own patented but unreleased deblocking algorithm.

Sample results

Original image

Original image at 200%